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    My Favourite Weapons

    October 27, 2013 by Capt. Miller

    Most of my favourite weapons would have to be wonder weapons, they are the most effective and sometimes only weapon that can actually KILL zombies at high rounds.

    Most there really anything said about this weapon. It One Shot kills zombie at ANY round, allowing for a player to kill zombies quicker at high rounds instead of using the electric traps all the time (The IOS version of Black Ops Zombies usually has lots of max ammos). The only negative about this weapon would have to be the ammo supply.

    If you have ever played zombies (which you should have), I really don't have to go in detail.

    Electri and bad at the same time, the Wonder Waffe DG2 is one of the most effective weapons in zombies. Killing 10 zombies in a chain reaction is a very us…

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