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  • I live in Caribbean
  • I was born on April 21
  • My occupation is Graduated (thank fucking Satan)
  • I am Dov
  • DremYolLok

    So, as of right now this wiki has no policies of any kind. So I'm going to propose 10 new policies for the wiki (yes, this is supposed to be reminiscent of the Bill of Rights). Additional policies may be assigned or taken down later on:

    • All Users Are Equal

    All users have the same rights and all rules apply to all users. This includes admins, beareaucrats, chat mods, etc.

    • Everyone Can Police The Wiki

    All users are allowed to give others breaking rules warnings and such. If a user continues the behaviour they may be exhibiting, report them to an admin (Admins found to be breaking rules will recieve higher forms of punishment).

    • No Fanon

    This is a non-fictional Nazi Zombies Wiki. It is strictly Canon. If you want to post Fanon, go to Nazi Zombies Pl…

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